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Campaign to put steak on Britain’s BBQs begins

More than a quarter of Brits would like to see more lamb and beef steaks on the barbecue this summer.
However, British barbecues have also been voted the worst in the world with burnt food, backseat BBQ-ers and drunk arguments cited as the top niggles – in a survey for Simply Beef and Lamb.

In a bid to get our barbecues back on track, a campaign is being launched to get us grilling like an Aussie, American or Argentinian, who over half of Brits agree are better at it.

AHDB Head of Beef and Lamb Marketing, Nick White said: “It’s a misconception that steak is difficult to cook on the barbecue – it’s actually one of the quickest and tastiest cuts to prepare on the grill. It’s brilliantly versatile and there are numerous ways to enjoy it, from cutting it into kebabs to marinating it in different flavours; it’s an easy way to impress guests.”

AHDB is targeting the country’s barbecue market because it presents a huge opportunity for the lamb and beef industry. Last year, around 108 million barbecues took place – with an almost even split across mid-week (46%) and weekend meals (54%) . The number of barbecues held has also risen by six per cent year on year.

In particular, the consumer campaign will benefit lamb by increasing demand during the months of June, July and August when English lamb is dominant in its supply to market.

Leicestershire based sheep farmer, Ros Turner said: “Whether young or old, the majority of us love a barbecue. During the summer months, high quality British lamb is in plentiful supply. Helping us Brits to learn delicious recipes for the barbecue is perfect way to introduce younger people to lamb as a regular, tasty part of their diet.”

For beef farmers, the industry is currently heavily reliant on mince, which accounts for half of carcass utilisation. Mince is also the main way younger consumers choose to eat beef.

Surrey based beef farmer and butcher, Steve Conisbee said: “Beef steak is delicious and with millions of Brits barbecuing any day of the week, we need to help them learn to barbecue steaks just like the Australians or Argentinians do.”

The AHDB’s Simply Beef and Lamb barbecue campaign is running throughout the summer months, calling in support from comedy YouTuber, Anto Sharp and online ‘Food Busker’, John Quilter – who together have more than 1.4 million followers across social media channels.